Form and Function

Finding the balance of useful functionality and beautiful design.

Form and function are the two principles of design. If you read this and noticed that form comes before function, let me assure you that's only because they're listed alphabetically. In practice it should be the other way around. Everything made by human hands has been, in some way, designed and you can always tell when it's been designed badly: when form interferes with function.

I understand how people consume information and most are too sophisticated to be impressed by bells and whistles. They want results. They want things to work well, look good and not keep them waiting.

I do elegant, simple and above all, functional. If that's what you're after, send me a note.

Web Development for the Real World

If you were in a room with a billion other people, how would you get noticed if you didn't stand out?

I specialize in crafting custom web apps. We're not talking about installing some cheap theme onto a copy of Wordpress with the end result that your website looks just like about a thousand others. We're talking about built-from-the-ground-up custom sites to meet your specific needs using semantic, valid HTML5, CSS3, jquery and a powerful database driven backend that will work the way you do and function exactly as you need it to. A CMS that will allow you to manage your own web presence with such ease it will almost feel like you're cheating.

Modern websites should be responsive to work with any device from mobile to desktop to even future devices that no one has even thought of yet. Plus they should also be able to integrate with social media and be search engine friendly so that they're easy to find. All this, and whatever else you can think of, is part of the package. It's all done affordably too. Which is nice.

Your image is important

In business, how your customers view you directly affects your sales and your ability to draw in business. It’s vital then, to put forth an interesting, appealing and professional image to give your customers a sense of confidence when dealing with you.

Branding is part of your image and includes your logo, business cards, pretty much anything you use to present your business "face" to your market. Be different. I'll help you to develop exactly the brand you want. See for yourself →

Just Picture It

Sometimes a photograph just doesn't do the trick. Sometimes it's not just what an image says but how it says it that matters. Sometimes it takes an illustration to get the point across. Visual art has been capturing people's imagination since long before the invention of the camera. There is a certain quality in a hand drawn image that can strike the heart in ways a photograph just can't. No offense photos.